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The worst timing …

Corona (Covid-19) is in control. The economy is collapsing and we establish a new company!

You could think of a better timing, but we did not pick it. Or did we?

It is well known that the translation business is subject to heavy short-term and long-term fluctuations. Hence, any company striving to survive in this environment has to be designed to endure these fluctuations. In other words, it needs to be able to ride the waves.

Starting in times of a free fall or next to a depression is clearly extreme, but makes you definitely distinguish between really necessary investments and things that are nice to have. SInce the first months after a foundation drain money – it takes a while until the first clients arrive and order and then it takes even longer until they will pay your invoices – the situation is tough at the moment.

Hence we need to control our cost in an extreme fashion, which is nothing but convenient. But it causes us to evaluate what we can spare without jeopardizing the quality of our service. You might say:

This is the best pilot project for the creation of a localization company.

If we succeed – and we are convinced we will – we created the most dynamic translation company. We are looking forward to it!